Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ted talks last post

so today was ted talks and i really liked it when you first got on the stage you where scared but when you got in the rhythm  of it and you where like i got this it was like you talking to one of your friends  like talked like i was talking to my friend  and i was   shaky so  much when i was up there that the microphone was moving then i was like you can do this so i talked about where went wrong and what i did right and i was really happy about how i did and how my team did and  altogether it was a really nice thing to try and when i was done and went off stage to  got to the bathroom a crowed of people came and where like can you make this and that and this and i did not know what to say to them my was socked i was like i did not know i was that good when i went up there they said it was like i was talking directly to them and i was like maybe i will get an A so i did not  practice before I went on stage so that was one of the reasons why so i would like to say thanks to the Mr.  Eckert  and Miss.Hellwig for giving me this at have a such a young age in my life this will be my last blog post and i would love to say thank you for keeping up with my blog and thanks of all the support you have given me have a good life